Platforms for Counselling

  • In Person Counselling

    In person Counselling

    This is the traditional form of talking therapy and takes place in a Counselling room in person. It is deemed by many to be the most effective platform; the relationship between therapist and client is the most important part of therapy and some argue that this can only truly be developed through interaction in person. It is certainly a very effective platform but that does not mean that it is always the best option for you. The different platforms below all have different benefits so please take your time to read through them and contact me if you have any questions.

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  • Skype

    Skype Counselling

    An ever more popular form of therapy, Skype counselling is supported by some as being as effective as traditional in person therapy. Sessions are very similar to in person but are simply via internet based video chat. It is remarkable that even on different sides of the world counselling can occur as though both client and therapist were in the same room. It is suitable for most counselling requirements and is very useful for those who either struggle to make it to a session elsewhere, or even just find it more convenient.

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  • telephone counselling

    Telephone Counselling

    This form of counselling is popular and has great benefits. If you cannot access the internet, do not have the computer expertise necessary to set up Skype, or just prefer talking over the telephone then this maybe the best option for you. It provides a great platform for talking which can be used effectively to overcome a number of different issues.

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  • Online

    Online Counselling

    While still a relatively new form of therapy, online chat is becoming increasingly popular. It is a dialogue based therapy but through the medium of an internet based chat room using typing. There are some very important benefits to this medium but there are also the most limitations here in contrast to traditional therapy. As well as removing the possibility for visual communication it also takes out the element of tone, pitch, intonation and all the other audio signals that we use for communication. However, despite the possible draw backs, for a lot of counselling requirements online chat is an excellent platform. Some people may find the idea of coming to a session in person far too daunting and so to be able to access a counsellor through Online Chat is an excellent alternative.

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