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Thank you for your interest in my counselling and psychotherapy services. I’m honoured by your consideration. However, I’m currently fully booked and unable to take on new clients at the moment. I appreciate your understanding, and encourage you to check back in the future for availability.

Talking is Good

Talking is good

Looking for counselling or psychotherapy needn’t be daunting

This website has been designed to be as informative as possible and to share in the simplest terms what I do and what counselling can do for you. Take your time to look around and make sure not to miss the news section which features blogs and the latest updates in the counselling world.

Counselling Loughborough

I am an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist, and have trained to Masters level in a number of different therapeutic approaches including CBT, Person-Centred, and Attachment Theory. I have over 3 years of experience and am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). While I am based in Loughborough, the wonders of technology mean that it is not necessary for you to travel here for therapy; The service is available via Skype, online chat, and telephone as well as in person.
Timothy Dalton
Start your journey to self-discovery and healing today

With flexible online and in-person therapy sessions, I’m here to help.

You must be comfortable with and be able to trust your therapist

Hopefully the website provides sufficient information about me but if you have any questions about the service and what it could offer then please contact me via the secure messaging link. If you do decide that you are interested in counselling and psychotherapy then I offer a free assessment so that you can meet me before committing to therapy.

Come Around for a Visit

Perhaps the idea of therapy feels daunting, or maybe you’re simply curious about how it works. Either way, I invite you to come around for a visit. During this casual and confidential meet-up, we can discuss your needs, explore the therapeutic options available, and determine how best to proceed on your unique journey to self-discovery and healing. In person or online, the door is always open. Reach out today, and let’s begin this essential dialogue towards your wellbeing.

Do you want to discuss your needs personally?

If you’re considering therapy but aren’t quite sure what approach suits you best, or if you have specific concerns you’d like to address before beginning, let’s have a personal discussion. In a comfortable, no-pressure conversation, we can explore your needs, answer any questions you may have, and start to map out a possible therapeutic path tailored to you. Your well-being is personal, and so is the support I offer.

Want to Know More?

Dive deeper into the world of therapy, gain insight into various therapeutic approaches, and learn more about self-care strategies on my blog. I regularly share resources, experiences, and knowledge that can illuminate your path towards healing and self-discovery. Click here to explore, learn, and engage.