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Is high expectation a root of low mood?

6 June 2017
High expectation is linked to success, but can it also cause low mood? There is plenty of advice out there about self-improvement, how to be better at this and that, and how your life could be improved if you only believed it. It has a lot of truth to it – if you really believe […]

Finding a Therapist in Loughborough

30 September 2015
There are many different options when searching for ‘therapist Loughborough’. Due to important changes that have been made to regulatory counselling bodies over the last few years it is now much easier to determine the level of a counsellor’s training and calibre. I have completed a Masters course in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy which was […]

A brief introduction to TA

18 June 2015
Even the most confident and socially adept person suffers the effects of Transactional Analysis (TA, Eric Berne). We can at times become unable to interact to our usual standards with certain people. It doesn’t matter whether we know them well or have just met; there is something about them that causes a change in us, […]

Simple CBT for Spiders

2 April 2015
Usually our brains assess and deal with risks we face on a daily basis without us being aware of them. Getting out of bed, having a shower, preparing and eating breakfast, and travelling to work all have risks but for most of us they aren’t even given a second thought. Sometimes though, we are alerted […]